A story of all that we have lost by choosing to live in the false un-reality of our technologically advanced world, violently separating ourselves from everything that is natural, true, and real.


About the project...

We have granted in power whilst draining influence and significance away from the very core principles of life that hold us together: trust, humanity, mythology, belief in something bigger than we are, love and respect for our natural, earthly world.

Spatial audio, ambient sound, spoken text and menacing other-wordy effects. 

Evocative choreography, in a moment of incantation, shred apart by the strident clenching of an almighty AI.

In collaboration with Royal National Institute of Blind People, BlindAid, UCL Ear Institute and UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, Central School of Ballet, EartH Theatre and L-Acoustics.

About the people...

Music & Concept: Roberto D. Rusconi

Choreography: Sandrine Monin

Writer: Laura Turner

Dancers: Fukiko Takase

                Ana F. Melero

                         Matthew Rawcliffe

About the performance...

28th  September 2020
EartH Theatre, London 7pm