Blind & Visually Impaired accessible R&D

This project aims to create and advocate for greater social and cultural inclusion for Blind and Visually Impaired artists & communities through dance.

Considering blindness, as a source of multi-sensory knowledge, choreographer Sandrine Monin and composer Roberto D. Rusconi,  with the support of IntrasonusUK, will research the perception of movement and the influence of sound and environment, to investigate an accessible creative process and development of dance work.

Feathers will be inspired by the Egyptian myth of the goddess Ma'at and explore the themes of darkness, fear of the unknown, meaning of life and connection. 

About the team...


Sandrine Monin 


Roberto D. Rusconi


Mayowa Ogunnaike, Hannah Rudd, 

Seona Mcginnon, Mark Norman


Rosie Watts - Run with Gulls


Jack Thomson


Throughout the first part of 2022, the creative team undertook three-week studio R&D in London, as well as a series of creative workshops for blind and visually impaired people, supported by BlindAid and RNIB.

The first part of the project culminated in an informal sharing at the Bloomsbury Theatre Studio aiming at gathering feedback from an audience made of blind, visually impaired and sighted people. The work developed by choreographer Sandrine Monin and in collaboration with dancers Mayowa Ogunnaike and Hannah Rudd and visually impaired artists Seona Mcginnon and Mark Norman, was performed on an original musical score created by composer Roberto D. Rusconi.

Following the positive feedback, the work enters a second stage of research, with another three-week studio R&D and a series of workshops in Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford and Barnsley).

Information for the upcoming series of workshops in Leeds and Bradford, click here.

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