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Technique classes

Forged from training both in ballet and contemporary, Sandrine's classes can help professionals and students to become stronger and healthier dancers, developing acute body awareness and proprioception, increasing musicality in a fun and caring atmosphere.

Creative workshops

Drawing from her choreographic practice, Sandrine delivers creative workshops. Teaching choreographic tools to encourage the students to develop their own creativity and artistry. It helps them to find their own voice and builds up autonomy and confidence.


Sandrine offers week-intensive workshops, suitable to various levels of experience, where the focus is as much on creative process as on the final product.
Intensives propose technical classes, creative tasks and the creation of a piece for the group.


Repertoire workshops are a way to discover Sandrine's choreographic work through learning existing pieces.

The workshops explore specific material from a piece as well as tasks and themes investigated during the creation.

(Restaging of work available)

Movement Facilitator

Over the years, Sandrine has developed an inclusive practice that brings the benefits of dance to everyone.

With wellbeing at heart, she can tailor dance workshops to people, groups and communities who want to reconnect to their bodies, themselves and to each others through movement, no dance background necessary.

Sandrine has done extensive work with mental health charities and work with Blind and visually impaired communities.  

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