Sandrine Monin is a contemporary dance choreographer.



Her work transports her audience into poetic and surrealistic atmospheres and creates relatable and emotionally engaging experiences. 

Her choreographic signature is visceral, marrying strong physicality, sophisticated technique and human sensitivity. It is built on over 13 years’ experience as a professional dancer around Europe and the UK for renowned company (Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Phoenix Dance Theatre).

She has created works for dance and theatre companies and youth groups. Calyx (Phoenix Dance Theatre) was nominated ‘Best premiere 2017’ in Dance Europe magazine. That same year, she was identified as future leader by One Dance UK’s mentoring programme. Since 2019, she is developing her independent work supported by Arts Council England.

Continuously developing her competences (MA Dance Practice from Palucca Schule Dresden and MA Choreography from Central School of Ballet), she craves for collaborative works with artists of other disciplines. 

She also makes a point of nurturing and sharing her passion teaching the younger generation as well as strongly advocating dance in our society.

Her mission:

To empower and connect people through dance and storytelling. 

Freelance Choreographer & Movement Director

2015 - current

For dance and theatre companies, youth groups, music videos

Phoenix Dance Theatre, Central School of Ballet, Tutti Frutti productions, Phoenix Youth Academy,  Centre for Advanced Training (Ipswich, NSCD, Exeter, Swindon), Northern Ballet Academy, Clearwater Collective, music video
Independent choreographic projects supported by Arts Council England

Freelance Teacher

Dec 2018 - current

Contemporary & ballet classes, workshops
Phoenix Dance Theatre, Studio Wayne McGregor, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Scottish Dance Theatre, ACE dance and music, Northern Ballet Academy, Elmhurst Ballet School, James Cousins Company, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Central School of Ballet, Centre for Advanced Training (Leeds, Exeter), York Dance Scholars, Phoenix Youth Academy, Leeds City College, Morea Performing Arts, York Dance Scholar, Renaissance Arts, among other schools and colleges

Freelance dance artist 

Dec 2018 - current

Research & Development with Mad Dogs Dance Theatre, DeNada Dance Theatre
Research & Development for independent project "The Shopkeeper Project" supported by Arts Council England

Teacher Training: Embedding Mental Health Strategies in your Curriculum


Graduated from The Open University UK

Business & Finance Fundamentals Course


Graduated from The Open University UK

One Dance UK's Mentoring Programme


Selected dance artist recognised as future leaders

One Dance UK’s Observership Programme


Selected choreographer

Phoenix Dance Theatre

2012 - 2018

Direction: Sharon Watson
Performed in pieces from: Sharon Watson, Christopher Bruce, Itzik Galili, Caroline Finn, Ivgi and Greben, Didy

Veldman, Douglas Thorpe, Ana Sanchez, Henry Oguike, Darshan Singh Buller, Richard Alston, Warren Adams

Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz - Tanz Theater München

2009 - 2012

Direction: Hans Henning Paar
Performed in pieces from: Hans Henning Paar, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Christian Spuck, Fernando Melo

Masterklass Diploma


Graduated from Palucca Schule Dresden - Hochschule für tanz (Germany)

DANCE II - Dance Apprentices Network aCross Europe

2007 - 2009

Direction: W. Forsythe, W. McGregor, A. Preljocaj, F. Flamand

Young Ballet of Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon (France)

2005 - 2007

Performed in pieces from: A. Nolthenius, Y. Pick, D. Brun, M. Keleminis, F. Lescure, W. Bartkowski

Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon (France)

2004 - 2006

Certificate of Higher Studies
Anatomy, Music and History of Dance diplomas

Choreographic Portfolio


July, 2019

Piece created for Central School of Ballet London - collaboration with composer R. Rusconi


July, 2019

Piece created for Phoenix Youth Academy


July, 2019

Piece created for Swindon CAT Scheme - Exeter programme

Missing Link

April, 2019

Curtain raiser for Phoenix Dance Theatre Rural Tour with Youth Dance Tynedale


Dark Suit and Lavender Shirt, standing

January 2019

Piece extracts performed at the Royal Academy of Arts (London)
Choreographic consultant for Clearwater Collective


October, 2018

Piece created for Phoenix Dance Theatre in collaboration with composer R. Rusconi
R&D with music ensemble Proton (CH) at Dampfzentrale Bern

Performance in Phoenix@Home in Leeds


July, 2018

Piece created for Phoenix Youth Academy


July, 2017

Piece created for Phoenix Academy North East (Newcastle)


February, 2017

Commission for Phoenix Dance Theatre Mixed Bill 2017 collaboration with composer R. Rusconi

Listed best premiere in the Dance Europe Magazine Critic’s Choice 2017


Summer 2016

Piece created for U.Dance 2016 for the Lowry CAT Scheme in collaboration with Vanessa Vince Pang


April, 2016

Music video for Fran Smith - Choreographed and performed with Sam Vaherlehto 

Now What?

July, 2014

Piece created for the DanceEast CAT Scheme


July, 2014

Piece created for the Phoenix Dance Academy

Up Your Backyard

July, 2012

Piece created for the Young Choreographers Performances at the Gärtnerplatz Staatstheater in Munich

Hanging Mind


Piece created for Masterclass Diploma, a collaboration with the musicians of Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden

What's the rule?


Piece created for the Cartes Blanches Performances in the Pavillon Noir - Aix-en-Provence