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Sandrine Monin

"Her fresh vocabulary is spellbinding"

British Theatre Guide - April 2018

Photo: Brian Slater (Kirke - Phoenix Dance Theatre)

"A very thoughtful piece that needs to be seen again and probably more than twice"  - Terpsichore, July 2019

Photo: Patrick Baldwin (Hidden - Central School of Ballet)


Sandrine Monin is an artist who empowers and connects people, through dance and storytelling.

Her work, like her extensive professional experience, is at an interesting crossroad of classical, physical theatre and contemporary genres. 

Her choreographic signature marries powerful physicality, sophisticated technique and poetical sensibility. It explores the complexity of human emotions, and through the body, turns them into collective shared experience. 



Dance as a channel for deeper connections.

Calyx by Brian Slater.jpg

"She is definitely a choreographer of whom to take note" Dance Europe - November 2018

Photo: Brian Slater (Calyx - Phoenix Dance Theatre)

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